Thursday, March 19, 2015

Roaring Hot - A Motorcycle Romance (Ebook) Review.

I received this as part of an advertorial
Let me begin by expressing my apologies for this posting being so late.
I have been fighting a sinus infection, and ear trouble for a while, and with the weather changing, my allergies had knocked me out for a bit.
But I am back and rockin'.
For an end of winter book, this book from Rachelle Ayala is nothing but H-O-T!
I have to say, when you are snowed in, this book will definitely warm you up in spades.
I began reading this when we had a couple days snowed in recently, and as the weather thawed, so did I reading this book.
With each turn of the page, you could feel the w-o-o-s-h of the wind, as if you were on that billionaires bike, as the journey rolled along.
I can highly recommend this book for all the ladies, when your husbands or boyfriends are out of town, and you can curl up with a blanket, a hot beverage, and just relax and enjoy the peace and quite.
Congratulations on another hit Rachelle, I can't wait to see what is next, and get started on the 2 sets of books, I still have to go.