Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Ebook - Body Cognition: The Method Review.

I received this as part of an advertorial
I have to be perfectly honest about this book, it was nice, but long and a lot of clinical language, versus something simple to follow, for those who can not keep up with the clinical and want something more simple to understand.
Also this book, had a few pictures in it for description purposes, but it could had been more visually appealing to keep the audience attention more.(Meaning color pictures to make it visually eye catching.)
After finishing this book, I found myself falling asleep in my husband's chair , and a nap soon followed for 2 hours after that.
So if you are looking for an insomnia cure, this book will definitely fill the bill and do the trick to boot. But, if you are into the clinical speak, beyond belief, then this book is for you, on all levels. Enjoy!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Written On Her Heart eBook Review

I have to say I have dealt with a lot of promoters as a blogger but none as uncooperative, as the one connected with the book mentioned above.

You will not be getting a review of the book mentioned, but an honest accounting of what it was to deal with what I went through.

I would had loved to reviewed this book, but after multiple communications, and stretches of time of not hearing anything, until the last week or so, and being treated very poorly, it makes me appreciate wanting to deal directly with the authors when I can. ( So, Ms. Rion if you are reading this, I would love to deal with you directly to get a review done of this book. Please message me, so I can talk to you directly.)

I can say, from what I have seen on amazon, the book seems like it would be a great read, any time of year, and would be something a women's group might enjoy, or a book club.

I will not be treated poorly by anyone, when it comes to my blogging, if I say something or a website does not work with my computer, you can bank on, that I am speaking the truth, and I know what I am talking about, so do not patronize me. I do this as a side business, in addition to the multiple jobs I do from home, in addition to working full time.

If you would like to see the information on my blogging business, you can go to my fanpage at: On my page you will find pricing in the photo section, and you can leave me a message, if you would like.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Disengagements Review.

I received this as part of an advertorial
This book was a real eye opener for sure.
It took you through a family's journey.
This really gave your mind and emotions a workout with each turn of the page.
With each turn you did not know what was going to come next, it really took you into the story.
This is a great book to present in a college course, and open for discussion.
In my book, this book is an adult only topic, and would be great for a book club, women's group.
If you have the chance, and have a Kindle family device, look this up, and purchase it today, it really will exercise your mind, heart, and soul.

Dead Scary: The Ghost who refused to leave Review.

I received this as part of an advertorial
"Dead Scary" by Sally Gould is a cute book. I really enjoyed this as part of my catch up blogging day.
This takes a trip to the paranormal side of things. Usually paranormal stories royally freak me out, but this actually ended up being a fun story to get lost in.
The residents that move in, get to know a bit of the history of the home and about the previous inhabitants.
You could really read this at Halloween time, but it also a great book for year around reading also.  I would not recommend this book  for any age below 10.
I would on the other hand recommend this book for ages 10+, I think they will enjoy the book, and it will make a great conversation starter about the paranormal.
So, if you get the chance and, you have a Kindle family device, this would be a great purchase to make to add to a holiday collection or a rainy day read collection of books.
I can't wait to see what is next from this author, Congratulations Ms. Gould on a great read!

Ebook - Abigail and the Tropical Island Adventure Review.

I received this as part of an advertorial
As the rain comes down here in Tahlequah today I have the chance to catch up on some reviews, and read some great books.
I had the chance to sit down and get transported to a tropical vacation courtesy of  Abigail.

The Abigail series of books has been great to read. They take me back to being a kid.
In this adventure as always Abigail has a chance to make a new friend, while exploring a new environment and learning more about it from her new friend.
This is another hit for author Tali Carmi.

Not only does the book transport you into Abigail's world, but always has a great message within each story for the family as a whole.
I can highly recommend this book for a family sit down, or a book group, or even a lesson for a women's group, etc....
You will really enjoy this and enjoy it, whether at home, in the car, or on vacation. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Roaring Hot - A Motorcycle Romance (Ebook) Review.

I received this as part of an advertorial
Let me begin by expressing my apologies for this posting being so late.
I have been fighting a sinus infection, and ear trouble for a while, and with the weather changing, my allergies had knocked me out for a bit.
But I am back and rockin'.
For an end of winter book, this book from Rachelle Ayala is nothing but H-O-T!
I have to say, when you are snowed in, this book will definitely warm you up in spades.
I began reading this when we had a couple days snowed in recently, and as the weather thawed, so did I reading this book.
With each turn of the page, you could feel the w-o-o-s-h of the wind, as if you were on that billionaires bike, as the journey rolled along.
I can highly recommend this book for all the ladies, when your husbands or boyfriends are out of town, and you can curl up with a blanket, a hot beverage, and just relax and enjoy the peace and quite.
Congratulations on another hit Rachelle, I can't wait to see what is next, and get started on the 2 sets of books, I still have to go.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Yoga Blocks Review

There is not much to say about this product, because the company that approved me for this promotion never sent the product to be reviewed.
I had contacted them more than once to inquire about when I would receive the product to review through the tomoson message system, and they have yet to contact me back or even send the product.
I have also made contact through the website provided in the promotion, and they have failed to respond that way also.
I was really looking forward to being able to test these and blog on these, I had a friend lined up to teach me how to use them, but since they never came in, it sort of stinks.
Maybe next time the company will actually send the product to approved bloggers. (instead of screwing them over in a royal fashion.)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ebook - Idisina: The Black Rider Review.

I received this as part of an advertorial
I just completed this book this evening.

I have to be perfectly, bluntly honest here, it is not one of my favorite books, that I have read.
This is one of the most confusing books to date that I have read.

There is too much confusion in this story for me.

If you like dark stories this book will definitely be right up your alley, you really will enjoy this book.

If you would like to get it, you can find this on for the kindle.

This would be a book more suited for around Halloween time, or for those that are snowed in, this would be a book to read with some hot tea, coffee, or cocoa next to you under a blanket, while watch the snow fall.

Other than that I can not recommend this book unless you are more suited toward the dark side, for those who are not toward the dark side of books, there are some great books out there that you will enjoy more.

Ebook - ABIGAIL And The North Pole Adventure Review.

I received this as part of an advertorial
Tali Carmi takes Abigail to the North Pole in this adventure.
Along the way, as in Abigail's other adventure's she makes a friend or two, and has a boat load of fun along the way.
The illustrations are great in this book, full of life, and color galore.
With each turn of the page, it pop's.
I could actually see this series of books, and some animated short features for children or to be used in the classroom.
If you have been keeping up with Abigail and her adventures, this is the book for you, and the family.
As with all of Abigail's adventures, there is a great lesson to be learned from each adventure for both children and adults. (We can all use a little reminder here and there through the eyes of a child can't we?) 
(You can find this over on, if you would like to add this to your personal or kindle collection. This is a great book to read year around, even in this cold weather we a facing now.)

Ebook - WHERE IS MY HOME ? Review.

I received this as part of an advertorial

Tali Carmi has another Treetop Terry story on her hands, "Where is My Home."

This takes adults and children alike on an adventure with Terry to find his way home and trying new things along the way.

It really is a sweet story that would be a great fit for a mother's day out, daycare, or a story to read before bed.

We as adults need to take the time to read these stories along with the children, there are great lessons to be had, that can remind us of what we learned as children back when, still apply today.

If you have the chance, and you would like to check out more of Tali Carmi's work, pop over to Amazon, and see what you can find for the kindle device.

This book is also great for kids on long trips, if you need something to keep them busy going cross country in the car.

I promise you really will enjoy the book. Have a great day.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Are You Food Sensitive Review ...

I received this as part of an advertorial.

I have had a chance to read through this book, and it is a fabulous tool, to help you figure out what is going on with your diet.

There are so many great tips, and clues to use that can help you determine what is going on.

The author is also a real sweetheart, when I had problems getting the book, I contacted them, and we connected the dots successfully, and I was able to do this review.

I can highly recommend this book as a great guide to as I mentioned before figuring out your diet. So, if you get the chance, pop over to their site at: .

When you go to the site, there is plenty to view and to choose from. I hope you will pop over and give their site a look.

Thank You Ms. Breakey for supplying me with the pdf of your book for review, I have been really enjoying it, learning about what I can alter personally for myself and, I look forward to seeing what comes out next.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Girl of the Book Review.

Disclosure: I received this as part of an advertorial

I received this book in PDF form through the email to be clear, that is why it is just the title cover.
This was a good book but not great.
This book was too subdivided.
If the book would had flowed smoother from chapter to chapter, and not been so subdivided, if would had been easier to come up with. (Basically if some of the chapters would had been combined, it would had been easier.)
I would have liked to have seen more illustrations to go along with the story.
The limited illustrations are in black and white, when they would look better in color.

With the illustrations in black and white, it made the story feel a little on the drab and depressing side.

For me it was a fairly fast read, which made it, go by at a good clip.

This would be a good book for a youth group, or women's group study. It was a unique story to read, and gave you a look at another society within another country, and hopefully a bit of an understanding of how that culture works.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ebook - Outskirts of Vision Review.

Disclosure: I received this as part of an advertorial

Honestly I was expecting a page to page book, as I have reviewed before. I was surprised to see a comic book style book.

This is definitely an adult comic book. I can not recommend this for young adults or children.

If you have a sensitive stomach, this is not for you. There is so much blood, guts and gore in each panel, it is borderline at best.

If you are in to the blood, guts, and gore, then this book is right up your alley, and you will enjoy it immensely.

This book definitely lives up to its name. It caused me to lose sleep for a couple nights. I had to stop half way through, so the reel to reel in my head would stop playing.

Once I took some time away from it, and finally finished it, it was more tolerable.  As I said before this is strictly is an adult book, not for the younger generation.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ebook - Abigail and the Jungle Adventure Review

Disclosure: I received this as part of an advertorial

This is another great book of imagination and adventure for the main character Abigail. In the last book she went on an adventure through the Sahara.

As with the last adventure od Abigail's, this book is not only a book that will stimulate a child's mind, but an adult's mind also.

This is a great family storybook to sit around the fire with or to read on a playdate.

The colors that fill the pictures in the book give you a whole new aspect to talk about, along with some other things.

I really did enjoy each page of the book.

This is one that I could actually see being turned into an informative family cartoon.

So Congratulations, another hit for Tali Carmi, I can't wait to see what comes next in the Abigail series of books. (Maybe Abigail could have a cooking adventure to Paris, with some recipes for kids included?)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Ebook Review - Romancing Christmas - Heartwarming Holiday stories Review.

Disclosure: I received this as part of an advertorial

Romancing Christmas is a box set that will heat up your winter and keep you warm this season.

From plain and simple romance, to mysterious and steamy, there is definitely something for everyone in this series of stories.

Each author's story takes you on a journey, and keeps your attention all the way through to the end.

For those who have a vivid imagination, with each page you turn it plays like a motion picture, and depending if you dream in Technicolor or black and white will determine just how vivid it comes through in your head.

I could actually see some of these stories being turned in to mini special movies to be put on something like Netflix or the Hallmark channel.

I can highly recommend this series of stories as  great read for those cold winter days that need a good thawing out, white curled up under a blanket, with a steaming hot coffee cup of cocoa of your choice.

You can find this box set on Amazon for sale, so stop on by and purchase your set today.

Ebook - Best Healthy Vegan Holidays Recipes Review

Disclosure: I received this as part of an advertorial

This is a cookbook for multiple holidays. It covers quite a few to be honest. The recipe I have decided to try is the Pumpkin Gingerbread. I had to do a couple of modifications ingredient wise to complete the recipe. You will know what they are when you read the recipe. One of the modifications is the syrup. I had pancake syrup and no straight maple, so I used pancake syrup. The second was the chia seeds. I could not find ground, and did not have a grinder, so I added them straight. The third modification was in the spice department, instead of 3 separate spices-(which I could not find in my collection), I used the pumpkin pie spice I had available to me.
Here are the pictures from the culinary journey:

I know some of the modifications may not be acceptable, but I work with what I had available to me.
I do recommend doing the recipe by the letter  for the first time out, then you can modify the recipe to fit. ( I had some circumstances that caused me to modify the recipe the first time out.)
You might serve this with your favorite  ice cream or a fresh whipped cream with pumpkin pie spice sprinkled on it.
I can't wait to see what Mr. Vine comes out with next. I am really looking forward to it.
Have a great 2015!