Monday, April 13, 2015

Ebook - Abigail and the Tropical Island Adventure Review.

I received this as part of an advertorial
As the rain comes down here in Tahlequah today I have the chance to catch up on some reviews, and read some great books.
I had the chance to sit down and get transported to a tropical vacation courtesy of  Abigail.

The Abigail series of books has been great to read. They take me back to being a kid.
In this adventure as always Abigail has a chance to make a new friend, while exploring a new environment and learning more about it from her new friend.
This is another hit for author Tali Carmi.

Not only does the book transport you into Abigail's world, but always has a great message within each story for the family as a whole.
I can highly recommend this book for a family sit down, or a book group, or even a lesson for a women's group, etc....
You will really enjoy this and enjoy it, whether at home, in the car, or on vacation. 

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