Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Ebook - Body Cognition: The Method Review.

I received this as part of an advertorial
I have to be perfectly honest about this book, it was nice, but long and a lot of clinical language, versus something simple to follow, for those who can not keep up with the clinical and want something more simple to understand.
Also this book, had a few pictures in it for description purposes, but it could had been more visually appealing to keep the audience attention more.(Meaning color pictures to make it visually eye catching.)
After finishing this book, I found myself falling asleep in my husband's chair , and a nap soon followed for 2 hours after that.
So if you are looking for an insomnia cure, this book will definitely fill the bill and do the trick to boot. But, if you are into the clinical speak, beyond belief, then this book is for you, on all levels. Enjoy!

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