Friday, June 5, 2015

Written On Her Heart eBook Review

I have to say I have dealt with a lot of promoters as a blogger but none as uncooperative, as the one connected with the book mentioned above.

You will not be getting a review of the book mentioned, but an honest accounting of what it was to deal with what I went through.

I would had loved to reviewed this book, but after multiple communications, and stretches of time of not hearing anything, until the last week or so, and being treated very poorly, it makes me appreciate wanting to deal directly with the authors when I can. ( So, Ms. Rion if you are reading this, I would love to deal with you directly to get a review done of this book. Please message me, so I can talk to you directly.)

I can say, from what I have seen on amazon, the book seems like it would be a great read, any time of year, and would be something a women's group might enjoy, or a book club.

I will not be treated poorly by anyone, when it comes to my blogging, if I say something or a website does not work with my computer, you can bank on, that I am speaking the truth, and I know what I am talking about, so do not patronize me. I do this as a side business, in addition to the multiple jobs I do from home, in addition to working full time.

If you would like to see the information on my blogging business, you can go to my fanpage at: On my page you will find pricing in the photo section, and you can leave me a message, if you would like.

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