Monday, November 17, 2014

Catch Up Time for the Blogger..... Young Living Essential Oil

I have some great products I will be sampling this week as it goes along....

The first of the products for this 3 part posting is from contributor Leslie Deen, who is a representative with Young Living Oils...

I have an apology to make to my contributor, I am sorry it took so long to get this post done Leslie, please for give me. ( I have had so much stuff coming in and out to review.)

The first oil I have decided to try is the essential oil sample of Thieves Oil. Last week I cracked my right pinkie toe, on the side of one of my living room chairs. Leave it to say my toe turned pink, black and blue.(I toughed it out until this week.)

Tonight with the pain still making its way through the top of my toe, I have given the oil a shot. When you cut this sample open, it will open up your sinus, and if you are my husband nearly bring you to tears. This scent will curl you nose hairs. But it does remind me of what the put on pine cones at the holidays. (yes the scent is that strong.) Once you get past the smell it is not that bad, and it becomes more tolerable.

Here are some pictures from this go around with the Thieves Oil.(No one said the pictures would be pretty, just real.):

Please for give the No Digest Marking on the sample. I put it there, to differentiate between what I could use for cooking purposes in my blogging.

the back of the package.

The Thieves Oil has stolen some of the pain in my toe away, to which I am grateful, it means I may get a decent night's sleep and not scream when I turn over, as I toss and turn through the night.

Stay tuned for tomorrows update to see which oil is next on the block to test.... Have a great night....

Here is an update with some of the other oils-December 11th,2014:

This is what I did with peppermint oil:

I threw it in with candy cane cookie mix for the holidays. I took the cookies to a holiday event at church, and surprised a lot of people with the kicky cookie. They were all pleasantly surprised.

This is what I did with the lavender sample:
I added it to the green layer  of cake mix, and it served as another surprise, which some liked and some did not like.

This is what I did with the lemon sample of oil:

I actually added it to the orange layer of the cake. It made for an interesting taste, and freaked my husband out, which was funny.

I have one more sample to go. So keep your eyes peeled for another update.... Happy Holidays!

Update 2015:

I used the peace and calming oil sample mixed with fractionated coconut on my doggie crew. A few of the quintet have a hyper streak at night. So I took a Q-Tip dipped it in the oil mixture and put one dot behind each ear.

I noticed that the posse slept better, and were much calmer when my husband and I finally went to sleep.

I also put a dot or two on my pillow, and it did help me to get to dreamland a bit faster. I will keep you posted on how it goes, and if the boys will stay still enough, hopefully get pictures of them to show you.

Please forgive the markings on the packaging- I did that as a reminder to myself with a sharpie. 

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