Monday, November 17, 2014

Catching up with the Blogger part 3.....Posh By Ashley

With this final installment of Catching up with the Blogger, the featured items are from Posh by Ashley...

My apologies to my contributor Ashley Hoang of Posh by Ashley for the delay in getting this post up.

Here are the pictures from Day One with the Complexion Perfection and Moisturizer 911 sample one:

(Reminder: no one said the pictures would be pretty, just real.)

The Complexion Perfection by Posh, will definitely wake you up and give your day a kick start, with the mint scent.

After that, when you apply the Moisturizer 911 you get taken to the tropics with a lovely tropical scent, and in this cold weather, that scent is always welcomed.

Stay tuned for day two's update tomorrow on this entry. 

Update 2-19-15:
Once again my apologies for this being late, but I hope to get the Moisturizer 911 and Complexion Perfection done by next week. Since the Holidays it has been just crazy, with stuff coming in left and right.
But here are the pictures from today with both of the mentioned products. I am still feeling great with each use. I woke up with a massive migraine today, and this brightened my day, and made me feel like the rest of the day I can take on. (I used a headband to pull back my hair so you could see everything.)
Remember no one said the pictures would be pretty, or good, just real....

Stay tuned for the next update.....


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