Sunday, November 2, 2014

Catch up for the Blogger part 2.... Simply Aroma Part 2-Relaxation Oil

Here is the Simply Aroma Oil Part 2.

The second part of the Simply Aroma comes from consultant Ashley Mead.(Sorry it so long to get this Ashley, but I have been enjoying it on my pillow at night to help me wind down from the day(with all the end of year craziness going on), to let you know.)

Ashley is the contributor for the Simply Aroma Relaxation Oil Sample I was sent.

Here is a little bit on Ashley, in her own words:

I have been a consultant with Simply Aroma since March 2014. We are a new company that began in January 2014 and already have over 1000 consultants! One try of our oils and you will feel and smell the difference.

We have 30 blends and singles with an oil to fit your needs. Our oils are tested to the highest of standards. I am proud to be part of our company. Simply Aroma is a company that believes in being globally and socially conscious.

We believe in raising the wages for migrant workers who work hard harvesting the crops that produce our oils. We believe in decreasing slave labor and a portion of our party sales over $500 goes to supporting and funding this cause. The heart of our company, the quality of our oils and the support of everyone in the company, from the workers in the fields to the consultants is why I am proud to say that I am a Simply Aroma Independent Consultant.

I have a few favorite oils from Simply Aroma. My first is the Relaxation Blend. This blend is my go to when I am under stress. It relaxes and soothes me better than any oil I have ever tried and has even put me to sleep once or twice.

My 2nd favorite product is the Lavender. I can use this oil for everything from stress tension in my upper back and neck to sunburns, stress relief, cuts, inflammation, and so much more. Our Bloc Blend is great for pain relief. I have very sensitive skin where over the counter sore muscle creams etc. burn and sting my skin.  I am grateful to have found Bloc as it doesn't hurt and works very effectively at pain relief.

Lemongrass has helped reduce swelling and inflammation around a wrist I hurt.

Wild Orange has helped me reinvigorate and is great to smell in the morning-you can add a few drops in the shower and perk up quickly!

Lastly, our OxyZen oil helped me tremendously during allergy season and still does! I use it when I have a cough, congestion or allergy stuffiness and I have been able to breath so much better with just a couple of drops! The great thing about our oils is , due to their purity and quality, a little goes a long way.

My link is: , where you can find these oils and many more plus our great package deals!

As you saw I mentioned before I have been testing this out with a drop on my pillow, and my husband's pillow at night. The hubby usually sleeps like a rock anyway, but for me it really did help me to drift off the dream land, with the crazy day I had. Below are the pictures I took when I added the drop(s) to our pillows before bed.

No one said the pics would be pretty. But I have to say, I will be using it to relax my way to dream land. One drop definitely does the trick and last a couple of days. If Ashley asks where you heard about Simply Aroma, let her know you saw it here, and that Nannette P Morrison sent you.

Once again Ashley sorry it took so long, but I will be updating the post when I can to tell you more about my experience with this blend, so keep your eyes peeled.

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