Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Catch up for the Blogger part 2.... Simply Aroma Bloc Oil

Here is part two of Catching up with the Blogger.....

The second part of Catching Up with the Blogger is going to feature Simply Aroma I have two great reps contributing two different oils for this blogging.

I apologize for this being delayed so long, I have been extremely busy in blogging projects, and I just now made it to this.

The  great representatives for this contribution are Ashley Mead & Karen Brake. Ashley provided the Relaxation Oil Sample and Karen provided the Bloc Oil Sample.

I am gonna start with the Bloc Oil. So here is a bit about Karen, ( I received this information via Ashley Mead.):

Karen Brake has been a PFC with Simply Aroma since they began! She was approached by the company due to her knowledge and love for essential oils. A brief bio- Karen was approached by Simply Aroma due to her knowledge about essential oils. She is very educated in the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils and has extensive knowledge in regards  to essential oils.

She and her family use the oils for various issues and have had amazing success with Simply Aroma 100% Certified Pure Essential Oils. She absolutely loves being a part of Simply Aroma. I borrowed her bio from her Simply Aroma Page to give you a little more background for her:
"I have been sick for many years with fibromyalgia, and recently, rheumatoid arthritis. My pain level and exhaustion have been extremely high for over 20 years now. I don't know if any of you share any of the same issues, but stress make the situation worse, as does lack of sleep, poor food habits, and toxin build up.

I was looking for a solution for the incredible pain I was in. I prayed hard, and the next day, I was offered a position with Simply Aroma. I saw this as a sign from God to help me, as I really was at my wits end with pain. I couldn't take over the counter medicines as they are contra-indicated with my rheumatoid arthritis meds. I decidedto throw myself into learning all about aromatherapy, and studied hard, because it is important to me , to know what I am selling and why. I believe everyone should believe in their sales products, and should have a good grasp on what they are offering someone. I definitely wouldn't offer a product I would believe in.

While I was waiting for my Simply Aroma supplies to come, I purchased some other makes of oils too. I believed all essential oils would be the same. I am delighted to say that they weren't the same. When my Simply Aroma oils arrived, All my pain disappeared, and quickly too. The Simply Aroma oils also lasted longer. This was great news for me. By the time the oils arrived, I couldn't open my jaw very wide at all. In fact I could only open my jaw wide enough to get a leveled off teaspoon of food in. My jaw would be in so much pain, so I reached for lemongrass oil, frankincense oil, and lavender, to get rid of my pain. Within seconds the PAIN WAS GONE, and I could open my mouth again. With the Simply Aroma oils, I began to rid myself of the pain in my fingers, my hands, my wrists, my ankles,my feet, and my jaw. I began to get movement again and my swelling went down. I began to walk again on my feet. I used frankincense, lemongrass, and lavender on my feet too, on the plantar fasciitis that occurred as a result of the rheumatoid arthritis, and once again, I was pain free within seconds. I told my friend who suffered from the same condition, and she too got the same results. My dog even tore  his ligament in his leg, so I used a very weakened solution of frankincense diluted with lots of olive oil, and from being unable  to walk on his leg, my dog started to use his leg. He didn't know the oils would help him, but they did. I now use the oils for all my family. My husband uses them for his migraines, and I use them for headaches, and do my children too. Simply Aroma essential oils are truly amazing!"

Ashley has let me know Karen's site address is:

I appreciate Karen's contribution to my blog of the Bloc Oil.

Below you will find the pictures I took today of where I put the Bloc Oil(No one said the pictures would be pretty). I have been having trouble with my pinkie toes, after I walk. Pain just radiates. Well I put a drop of Bloc on each to, and have not had any pain come back so far. When I opened it, the smell reminded my of Listerine, but once past the smell, it does work.  :

As I continue the use of the Bloc for this first part I will update this post accordingly, so keep your eyes peeled.

The second day with the block oil, once I got past the listerine smell once again, I used a couple spot on each knee to help them out. You ever workout and feel stiff as a board when you stand up and your knees don't want to play fair with you. Well I had that day today and now , I am not near as stiff and my knees are moving better. 

Here are the pics from today. The two dark spots on each knee is the oil.(I have to admit after walking 3.23 miles in an hour and four minutes yesterday, this was very much welcome, like you will never know.):

Stay tuned for day three's update. I am looking to see how it works on my shoulder next, since that is another pain spot. Till tomorrow folks! Have a great day!

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