Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Influenster Review Time Again Folks.......

Trying to get everything done before the end of the year. I apologize for my tardiness in posting for this, but the holidays took over and it got crazy.

So here it is:

I had a chance to try some great products out of the ModVox Box this go around. Items ranged from cocoa(which went great into my shortbread cookies), to Jergens lotion to keep my skin moist in this cold skin drying weather, to an awesome mascara, that made my lashes plump like I had not seen before, to a lipstick that gave my lips that luscious look for the holiday party I attended with my hubby, to an invisible lip liner that blended in perfectly with my lipstick and did not stick out, to  a bottle of water, that was a refreshing end to my workout, and that kept me hydrated during Zumba breaks.

The Swiss Miss made a great addition to the shortbread cookies I mixed up for a holiday party.

The Jergens did add plenty of moisture back into my skin when applied. It is a great product for this fall and into the winter.

I have not used mascara in awhile  admit. I was pleasantly surprised how my lashes looked after application.

The lipstick not only made my lips look better, but added some needed moisture back to them as well. (When you can start peeling your lips, it is time for moisture to be added back. )

The lip liner was a real blessing, because with it being invisible, it did not stick out or look tacky, which it sometimes can if not done correctly.

The water to me was just water, nothing special. But it was good, and I can recommend it for a great on the go drink.

I can recommend all these products. When you go to the store, take the time to look around and try something new in this upcoming New Year!
Have a Happy New Year, and may it be blessed with good fortune as well.

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