Friday, January 23, 2015

Girl of the Book Review.

Disclosure: I received this as part of an advertorial

I received this book in PDF form through the email to be clear, that is why it is just the title cover.
This was a good book but not great.
This book was too subdivided.
If the book would had flowed smoother from chapter to chapter, and not been so subdivided, if would had been easier to come up with. (Basically if some of the chapters would had been combined, it would had been easier.)
I would have liked to have seen more illustrations to go along with the story.
The limited illustrations are in black and white, when they would look better in color.

With the illustrations in black and white, it made the story feel a little on the drab and depressing side.

For me it was a fairly fast read, which made it, go by at a good clip.

This would be a good book for a youth group, or women's group study. It was a unique story to read, and gave you a look at another society within another country, and hopefully a bit of an understanding of how that culture works.

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