Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Doterra Test Day One- Lavender/Pistachio Sugar Cookies- September15th, 2014.....

As you can see from the above pictures, I have gotten back into my kitchen to do cookie test. But this time I am making a unique cookie, I have to say.

Today I am using some oils in my cooking from Doterra. They come from Wellness Advocate Jonee Wolfbrandt.

I wanted to have Jonee share a bit about herself with you, so you can get to know her better. I appreciate her contributing to my blog of trying new things this year.

Here is what Jonee had to say, in her own words:

Hi, my name is Jonee.  I am a Wellness Advocate with DoTerra Essential Oils.  My experience with the essentials oils grows each day, and I am finding that even though I am relatively “well” and not on any western medicine, I do use the oils in many different ways. 
When someone dropped off a couple of “mini samples” of a few drops of lemon, lavender, peppermint, I put them away as this “conventional natural way to use oils, I didn’t really have a need or desire.
Listening to my customers at a boutique, I owned, as to what ailments they had, I decided to check out this gals website.  WOW was I impressed!  Being a boutique owner, I decided I could promote and sell the oils and hold “classes” at the boutique AND make money!  It was a win win situation. 
So the early part of December of 2013, I signed up and bought the “Premium Essential Oils Kit”  I used the diffuser in my boutique with oils of “On Guard and Breathe”  combined with water.  I had a very large woman who suffered from asthma and had just had a coughing spell in her car prior to coming in.  She apologized that she would not be able to shop long as her allergies and asthma were in high gear.  Well ½ hour went by and close to an hour…she had yet to cough.  She was a total believer in what was diffusing (a respiratory blend). That was enough for me to share with everyone what these oils can do for you. 
 10 months later, I have a team of 22 wonderful people sharing how these oils can be so much a part of our lives.  But don’t take my word for it; check it out yourself by going to this website, www.mydoterra.com/joneewolfbrandt and checking out all the amazing products essential oils have to offer.  Not sure how the oils can work for you?  By going to http://neweverythingessential.me/ you can look at so many “Health Concerns” that these Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils can help in aiding in better health.   There are so many other uses that these essential oils can be used for as is described in the http://doterrablog.com/ .   And for all of you following this blog, I invite you to like my personal FB page https://www.facebook.com/EssentialLifestyleNaturally for my personal experiences. 
There are many ways to be involved with Doterra Essentail Oils, you can be a preferred member and purchase your oils at a discount when you desire, and you can be a preferred member and sign up with an auto ship and receive a discount and earn “Points” for additional free oils.  Or you can choose to do what I do, share with people daily on how these amazing essential oils can help you in your daily living and earn commission. 
As these essential oils do aid in many ways, we do not intend to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease.  Product statements have not been evaluated the
 Food and Drug Administration.  The use of DoTerra products are not meant to replace professional medical advice.  Always consult with qualified medical professionals to address specific health concerns you may be experiencing. 
Thank you for taking the time in learning about what essential oils can do for you.  I would be happy to get you started in sharing how they can be a benefit to your life. 
Jonee Wolfbrandt  

Here is the recipe I developed with Lavender Oil, in the introductory kit: 

Lavender Pistachio Sugar Cookies:

1c. pistachios in the shell- you will need to shell them by hand, before putting them in the mixing bowl

1- 17.5 oz pouch Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix

1 stick Lactose Free Blue Bonnet Vegetable Oil Spread- found at Walmart

1 egg

10 drops of Doterra Lavender Essential Oil 


Mixing Bowl, Spoon, Hands, Small Cookie Scoop, Cookie Sheets x3, Cooling Rack(s), Timer,Spatula


Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. 

While your oven is preheating your oven, in your mixing bowl combine the cookie mix, blue bonnet, pistachios, egg and lavender oil, until fully combined.(If you have to, use your hands to get the job done.)

Once all is combined scoop out with your small scoop onto your cookie sheets. After all the cookie sheets are full, your oven should be done preheating, put your cookies in for 7-9 minutes or 7-10 minutes, depending on the oven and where you are. 

When the time is up, or the timer you remember to set goes off , put the cookies on the cookies on the cooling rack(s) to cool. 

Serve with your favorite frozen treat and Enjoy!

The cookies tasted yummy, and had a nice scent. 

Stay tuned to see what is next.....

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