Sunday, September 28, 2014

The AirBac backpack Review......

Well I know the plastic parts can not survive a dachshund puppy. Metal pieces might be a better solution.

Disclosure: I received this as part of an advertorial

If a back pack was able to give an orgasm, this would be the one to do it for any adult. When it comes to children using this backpack, parents would get hugged and kissed royally. 

I mean this is the most heavenly feeling backpack for your back, of all the backpack's I have gone through in all my years. (And I just turned 38 on the 8th of this month.)

As you can see by the top picture, from just having it set out in my home, the plastic piece at the end of one of the straps did not make it, one day. (That was not intentional by the way).

I have been using this as my gym bag, since I did not have one. Boy does it hold A LOT! In this bag, I can manage to fit, my jacket, my tablet, a couple small notebooks, and a couple small necessity bags, towel,and my wallet. I was really impressed with how much I could get in this bag.

AirBac, you are on the money with this bag. My back has not felt this great in years, and that is saying alot. If you just change the tabs to metal, that would be great, and doggie approved/indestructible.

To boot I still have some room to wiggle if needed. Thank You Air Bac, you have made my back extremely happy.

I am glad this backpack has so many great features also.

Some of the features include(according to the info I received with the pack): promoting better posture and spinal alignment, built in shock absorbers, air-cushioned protection, and adjustable fit.

Besides the mentioned features, they also recommend asking about team colors, team logo embroidering, personalized embroidering, and they can also help you with your fundraising efforts to boot.

For more information you can go to:

So for your next backpack, for any use, stop on by airbac's site, and pick you up a backpack. You will not regret your purchase. You will say, "Why didn't I do this sooner."

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