Thursday, September 18, 2014

Italian Flavored Popcorn....from Jonathan Vine's Under 15 Minutes Vegetarian Quick & Easy Recipes

I received this as part of an advertorial.

This recipe actually came out pretty decent. I was pleasantly surprised. It did not specify air popped or microwave, so I used the most readily available to me, which was microwave.(The directions honestly were pretty vague.) With the microwave I could for go the salt in the recipe, because of the microwave already having salt already in it.

I bet it would be great with air-popped popcorn though. But if microwave popcorn is all you have available, I say, "Go For It!" This selection had butter, but if you can find Natural Microwave Popcorn, then use that in the recipe.

I can't wait to modify this recipe and try something new next week.

Stay tuned to see what is next......

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