Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Here we are to Day Three of Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Testing Day Three of Week Two of the MakeUp Eraser testing....

For day three of the Ava Anderson Non-Toxic testing I decided to look at the mascara today.

Since I rarely wear mascara, this was a nice treat. This really did well on my lashes, I was pleasantly surprised.

Here are the pictures from today. Since they involve lashes, it will be hard to see. But if you have seen pictures of me before you will know what my lashes looked liked before.

Here are the results from the MakeUp Eraser go around from today:

As you can see the MakeUp Eraser made short work of the Ava Anderson Mascara, which is great. The mascara did add some length to my lashes, and definitely add more intensity to my eyes. I am very impressed with both so far. Stay tuned to see what happens tomorrow. What will it be?

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