Sunday, July 27, 2014

Your Inspiration at Home Test One July 25th and Leftovers on July 26th, 2014- Smokehouse BBQ Spice

The contributing representative for the spice tests is Vivian Bonnie Feltz. She is a great gal with a lot  of spunk and passion for the products she promotes. 

I wanted Vivian to share a bit, so here it is in her own words:

I was thrilled to find this company because I love to cook and I like lots of flavor in my cooking and this delivers! There is everything from spices to teas!

The company is Australian based and only recently became open to the US,UK,and Canada. It is always nice to get a company to promote that is not saturated with reps. 

Anyone can be the first in their area for as low as $99

Parties involving tasty foods are always easier to get people to buy once they taste!

There are so many flavors from the various cuisines, one NEEDS to taste to be able to decide which to buy! There are so many.

People interested in buying product or becoming a consultant can contact me on my company website, or just directly email me at:

dressing and leftovers
All the pictures you see above are from the Smokehouse BBQ Spice testing, and the end one is what I did with the leftovers. I know they may not be visually appealing to the eye, but there are real. I use what I have available to me in my home.

The Moroccan Spice is up next. Stay tuned... as the catching up continues....

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