Saturday, July 12, 2014

Younique Day 11: Glorious Face and Eye Primer- a day late, but it is the final day.

I have to honestly say the  face and eye primer was useless, since it pretty much dried up before I got to it. I think it would had been useful if I had not had to add a drop of water to even get a bit of it to work.

Here are the pictures from that, last night. I apologize for this post being a day late.

For this particular product I can not recommend it, as the sample I had was dried up and had to have water added to be useable.( remember the product is clear so it is not visible in the picture.)

The other products I have used throughout the week though, I can fully recommend. The pigments did a great job of what I tested.

You most likely will not need to purchase color for a while, after you purchase it the first time. The pigment powder has some great staying power just like the concealer and blush pigment powders.

All and all with the exception of 3 bumps in the road, I believe the testing went well for this line of product.

If you are interested in learning more about Younique, get with Shelby Davis and she can tell you more. You can find her page at: .

If you are asked how you heard about Younique, let Shelby know that Nannette Morrison sent you. Keep your eyes peeled for the final review on my examiner page still to come.

Thank You Shelby for Contributing to my blog, and helping make my 2014 year of trying new things that much more fun.

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