Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Thirty One Bag and MakeUp Bag head to Mission U in OKC July 18th-21st, 2014

I had the chance to test out the Thirty One products that I was sent from representative Ann From.

I wanted Ann to share a bit, so here is what she had to share in her own words:

The company was founded by Cindy Monroe, 10 years ago. I work full time and do Thirty One for fun and extra $. I love the products! We also have monthly specials.

You can contact Ann at: ann@fromfamily.com, or www.mythirtyone.com/annfrom . She welcomes customer's to order at anytime!

The Cindy Tote is one of the most durable totes I have ever dealt with. The makeup bag is the bomb! It held it's own in spades ladies and gents. I put both of these bags through their paces all weekend. The key ring that I was provided with I used somewhat of a bag tag, so I could see it where ever it was.

As you will see in the pictures it went from home, to errand running, and the school of mission and survived.

You will also notice how much I packed it with, and trust me, unless you were a professional weight lifter, there was no way anyone could make off with it. When it comes to the makeup bag, the pictures will surprise you how much I got in it.

Here are the pictures from all the days:

So if I can put this through all of what I did and it still comes out looking great, I know this tote and makeup bag, and key ring can stand up to anything you put it through, plus more. I can highly recommend this set for a weekend trip, or a trip overseas.

If you get the chance stop by Ann's page at: www.mythirtyone.com/annfrom.

If you are asked how you heard let Ann know, that you heard about it from Nannette Morrison, on this blog.

Ann is a great gal, and happy to help you find the bag, it fit not only your lifestyle, but your color palette. Give her a jingle today! 

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