Thursday, July 10, 2014

Younique Day 10: Famous Mineral Pigment & MakeUp Eraser Day 8

Here is the final day of color, as tomorrow is a clear product and the official final day for the Younique testing.

Today is the Famous Mineral Pigment trial. I have to say this is the lighter of the two greens I have tried.

When I showed it to my hubby, he said he liked the darker one better, which I have to agree. Against my skin this was a little on the light side where the darker one popped more.

Here are the MakeUp Eraser Pictures(the last one you won't believe, that was over just this week. It is now in the washer to be washed for the next test. Sorry about the blurry corners):

Both products did well. But if you have a lot of yellow in your skin I can not recommend ordering the Famous Mineral Pigment, as it will show up practically white on you.

The MakeUp Eraser has endured a lot as you can see, so it will be put to the test again next week.

Tomorrow will be the eye primer test from Younique, so we will see what happens. Stay tuned ....

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