Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rolling along to Day Four of the Ava Anderson Non-Toxic MakeUp Test, Day Four of Week Two of the MakeUp Eraser testing....

My attempt at eyeliner, was a fail. It took me a few tries, and below is what I finally came up with, not great, but in my book it got the job done. If I wore it more normally, my aim would be better, is combined with the Galaxy Blue Mineral Eyeshadow from Apple Blossom Naturals(to which I am an affiliate- my page is at

Here are the pictures:

Here are the MakeUp Eraser Pictures: ( and boy howdy it was a job and a half tonight, but it met the challenge, head on.)

With more practice I will get better applying eyeliner. But from the pictures you can tell I did better with my right side, versus my left side. For those that know me, I maybe right handed and have a strong right side, but my aim for the left is horrible, and my left side is weaker, so it will definitely take me more practice, or a few trips to the local beauty college or Vivid Salon and Boutique here in Tahlequah, to enlist some help with putting me together.

I think the eyeliner did great, and it was very easy to remove, so that was a plus in my book.

Stay tuned to see what tomorrow brings....

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