Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Australian Tea Tree Oil Day Three- Tea Tree Oil Toilet Cleaner

Today I chose to make the tea tree oil toilet cleaner from the booklet.

Here is what it took to get it made today.(I made it for my mom to try out at her home.) :

When it comes to the scent, with the lemon it is a bit strong. It does foam up quite a bit when put together, so please be careful during assembly. It will separate when it sits for a bit, but you just need to tighten the cap and shake to combine again. As it is strong, remember to loosen the cap a bit so there are no pressure issues, where you store it.

I think a rose or lavender scent would be nice also, but not near as strong. So  that might be a consideration for an alternative scent. You can adjust the recipe accordingly. I recommend that after you have made it correctly the first time.

Stay tuned to see what recipe is next tomorrow....

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