Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Garcinia Cambogia, Days 1-3- August 11th-13th, 2014....

I have just done the first three days of another product I am testing, and with any supplement there is ups and downs included.

So far I have not had any adverse reactions to the product, which is always a plus.

It is advertised as a dietary supplement, that can help with weight loss, etc....

As far as I can tell 3 days in there is not much difference yet.

This product is put out Sonora Nutrition.

My weight at the start of the Garcinia Cambogia testing was: 234.6

For day two weight was recorded at: 234.2

Today's weight is: 235

We will see what tomorrow brings. Right now it is not looking good. I pray for improvement soon.

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