Monday, August 11, 2014

Australian Tea Tree Oil-Including Free Recipe Guide Review $ - Recipe One: Tea Tree Oil Air Mist

Today begins the 5 day recipe testing for the Australian Tea Tree Oil, that I received as part of a paid advertorial.

The first recipe up is the Tea Tree Oil Air Mist: The recipe is pictured below with the cover of the guide I received.

Also pictured is the box the oil came in when I received it.

Please remember to read the box carefully, as it does have a warning posted.

Also remember to read an instructions or recommendations that are on the bottle or box.

I was really surprised at how mild the scent was when I sprayed it for the first time after putting it together.

There was just one difference in the recipe, the vodka I had was a vanilla scented by Smirnoff. That would account for the mellow scent I guess. Which was a great side effect. (I used what I had in my home, which just happened to be scented, but plain unscented would work just as well, and not give such an undertone of sweet smell.I don't know anyone who would reject a sweet smell in an air freshener.)

When you make this for the first time though, please follow the recipe exactly, so you know how it will smell with the correct ingredients.(Unless you have circumstances that will not permit it. You can always alter later on to fit your scent palette.)

Stay tuned to find out what recipe will be next to be made. Join as a follower of the blog to be able to keep up, and to see what all I blog about.

Till tomorrow! Have a great day!

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