Saturday, August 16, 2014

Le-Vel Day 7- Final Weigh In

Well the Le-Vel Test comes to a close today.

I want to thank Ashley Mead again for contributing the sample pack for the testing/blogging. It really was an interesting experience to test this out as an average person.

My starting weight on this journey was 235.2, and my weight went up and down. That is to be expected though with any supplement you take on.

My weight today is 234.8

I think if I were on it longer than a week, there might be some better progress, but for what I was provided, I am happy to see the small bit, I have seen in the direction I have been going. In the over all scheme of things, any loss that happens is always good.

If you have the chance to pop over to Ashley's page at:  
, let her know Nannette sent you.

Thanks Again Ashley! I really have enjoyed trying this product line.  

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